Welcome to ALICE site for Physics Publications and Article Submissions


This is the place for the ALICE Collaboration members to upload manuscripts to be considered for article publications.


Please read the 'ALICE Policy for Publications and Presentations' before submit a paper draft.

You may see a simplified scheme and an explanatory document of Paper Draft workflow.


Manager interface page for listing the paper drafts already submitted  
Form to submit the paper drafts  
Important tools for paper drafts (e.g.  Acknowledgements, Style conventions, CDS style files...)  


HEP Data submissions

The old Durham HEPData website has now been superseded by the new hepdata.net site. The new ALICE HEPData submissions started on February/2017 via the new site, while records from the old site are being automatically migrated. According to the new submission system, the input data file uses the YAML format, instead of the old "input" text format.

The steps of the new submission process and a brief HOWTO about the preparation of HEP data files in YAML format can be found in this tutorial file.