K$^0_s$K$^0_s$ correlations in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}=7$ TeV from the LHC ALICE experiment

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7 TeV
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Identical neutral kaon pair correlations are measured in\sqrt{s}=7
TeV pp  collisions in the ALICE experiment. One--dimensional
K0sK0s correlation functions in terms of the invariant
momentum difference of kaon pairs are formed in two multiplicity
and two transverse momentum ranges. The femtoscopic 
parameters for the radius and correlation strength of the kaon source are 
extracted. The fit includes quantum
statistics and final--state interactions of the a0/f0
resonance. K0sK0s correlations show an increase in radius
for increasing multiplicity and a slight decrease in radius for
increasing transverse mass, mT, as seen in pi-pi correlations in the pp system
and in heavy--ion collisions. Transverse mass scaling is observed between
the K0sK0s and pi-pi radii. Also, the first observation is made of the decay of 
the f2'(1525) meson
into the K0sK0s channel in pp collisions.