Measurement of prompt J/psi and beauty hadron production cross sections at mid-rapidity in pp collisions at √s=7 TeV

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7 TeV
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The ALICE experiment at the LHC has studied J/psi production at mid-rapidity in pp collisions at {\surd}s = 7 TeV through its electron pair decay on a data sample corresponding to an integrated luminosity L_int = 5.6nb-1. The fraction of J/psi from the decay of long-lived beauty hadrons was determined for J/psi candidates with transverse momentum pt > 1.3 GeV/c and rapidity |y| < 0.9. The cross section for prompt J/psi mesons, i.e. directly produced J/psi and prompt decays of heavier charmonium states such as the Psi(2S) and Csi_c resonances, s sigma_prompt-J/psi(pt > 1.3 GeV/c, |y| < 0.9) = 7.2 +- 0.7(stat.) +- 1.0(syst.)+1.3-1.2 (syst.pol.) mb. The pt-differential cross section for prompt J/psi has also been measured. The cross section for the production of b-hadrons decaying to J/psi with transverse momentum greater than 1.3 GeV/c in the rapidity range |y| < 0.9 is sigma_{J/psi<-h_B} = 1.26 +- 0.33 (stat.) +0.23-0.28 (syst.) mb. The results are compared to QCD model predictions. The shape of the pt and y distributions of b-quarks predicted by perturbative QCD model calculations are used to extrapolate the measured cross section to derive the bb pair total cross section and dsigma/dy at midrapidity.




Submitted on 25/05/2012 to JHEP: