Transverse Momentum Distribution and Nuclear Modification Factor of Charged Particles in p-Pb Collisions at sqrt(s_NN) = 5.02 TeV

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5.02 TeV
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The transverse momentum (p_T) distribution of primary charged particles
is measured in non single-diffractive p-Pb collisions at sqrt(s_NN)=5.02 TeV
with the ALICE detector at the LHC.  
The p_T specta measured near central rapidity in range 0.5<p_T<20 GeV/c 
exhibit a weak pseudorapidity dependence.
The nuclear modification factor R_pPb is consistent with unity for p_T 
above 3 GeV/c.
This measurement indicates that the strong suppression of hadron 
production at high p_T observed in Pb-Pb collisions at the LHC 
is not due to an initial-state effect.
The measurement is compared to theoretical calculations.