Measurement of prompt D-meson production in p–Pb collisions at sqrt(sNN) = 5.02 TeV

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5.02 TeV
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The pT-differential production cross sections of the charmed mesons D0, D+, D*+ and D_s in the rapidity interval
-0.96 < y_cms < 0.04 were measured in p-Pb collisions at a centre-of-mass energy s_NN = 5.02 TeV with the ALICE detector at the LHC.
The nuclear modification factor R_pPb, quantifying the D-meson yield in p-Pb collisions relative to the yield in pp collisions scaled by the number of binary nucleon-nucleon collisions, is compatible within the 15-20% uncertainties with unity in the transverse momentum
interval 1 < pT < 24 GeV/c. No significant difference among the R_pPb of the four D-meson species is observed. The results are described within uncertainties by theoretical calculations that include initial state effects.
The measurement adds experimental evidence that the modification of the momentum spectrum of D mesons observed in Pb-Pb collisions with respect to pp collisions is due to strong final state effects induced by hot partonic matter.