Upgrade of the ALICE Inner Tracking System - Technical Design Report

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This Technical Design Report is an update of the Conceptual Design Report (CDR) for the Upgrade of the ALICE Inner Tracking System, which was presented to the LHCC in September 2012. The primary focus of the ITS upgrade is on the improved performance for detection of heavy-flavour hadrons, and of thermal photons and low-mass dileptons emitted by the QGP. The CDR demonstrated that it is possible to build a new silicon tracker with greatly improved features in terms of determination of the distance of closest approach (dca) to the primary vertex, tracking eciency at low pT , and readout rate capabilities. This Technical Design Report presents an update of R&D activities over the past three years, with particular focus on the technical implementation of the main detector components, and  detector and physics performance. The Monte Carlo simulations include the transport of particles in a detailed model of the new detector, implemented using the GEANT simulation package within the ALIROOT framework.