Energy dependence of forward-rapidity j/psi and psi (2S) production in pp collisions at the LHC

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2.76 TeV
5.02 TeV
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13 TeV
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We present ALICE results on transverse momentum (p_{T}) and rapidity (y) differential production cross sections, mean transverse momentum and mean transverse momentum square of inclusive j/\psi and \psi(2S) at forward rapidity ($2.5<y<4$) as well as $\psip$-to-$\jpsi$ cross section ratios. These quantities are measured in pp collisions at center of mass energies $\sqrts=5.02$ and $13$~TeV. Both charmonium states are reconstructed in the dimuon decay channel, using ALICE muon spectrometer. A comprehensive comparison to ALICE inclusive charmonium cross section measurements at $\sqrts=2.76$, $7$ and $8$~TeV is performed. A detailed comparison to non-relativistic quantum chromodynamics and fixed-order next-to-leading logarithm calculations, which describe prompt and non-prompt charmonium production respectively, is also presented. A good description of the data is obtained over the full $\pt$ range, provided that both contributions are summed. In particular, it is found that for $\pt>15$~GeV/$c$ the non-prompt contribution reaches up to 50\% of the total charmonium yield.