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LHC restart - Monday 14 December 2009

SDD data SDD data

During the night LHC ramped the energy of both beams to 1.18 TeV and achieved collisions at 2.36 TeV with "quiet beams". ALICE recorded some thousands of collision events. Here you see sequences of events with ITS tracks from the two runs (105054, left and 105057, right) recorded during the night.

LHC restart - week 6-12 December 2009

SDD data

Out of the many thousands of collisions at 900 GeV recorded during the week, here is the heaviest dimuon event recorded so far (m~1.85 GeV/c2).

LHC restart - Saturday 5 - Sunday 6 December 2009

SDD data SDD data

Two more event displays from run 104070 (pp collisions at 900 GeV).

SDD data SDD data

The first muons seen by the ALICE muon spectrometer in pp collisions. Left : reconstruction of event 732 in run 104058 (PHYSICS_4 partition, muon trigger and tracking only). The track has pT = 0.9 GeV/c and p = 14.8 GeV/c. Right: the reconstruction of event 618 in run 104070 (PHYSICS_1 partition, with all ALICE detectors). The track has pT = 0.4 GeV/c and p = 7.2 GeV/c. Both tracks have hits in both the trigger and tracking chambers.

22:37 Stable beams, 4 bunches on 4.

SDD data SDD data
Some reconstructed events from this morning's data-taking with all detectors
SDD data SDD data SDD data
SDD data SDD data SDD data
11:20 Some photographs of "the morning after".
SDD data SDD data SDD data
SDD data SDD data SDD data
10:20 Since 2 hours ALICE is taking data with colliding beams, reading out all detectors. Here are some event displays from the High Level Trigger (HLT) of ALICE.
SDD data

07:00 Stable beams, 4 bunches on 4.

SDD data

06:00 will continue tomorrow..in the meantime, here is a collision event with ITS tracks .

01:37 4 bunches circulating in each beam

23:30 Two beams circulating (single bunches)

16:30 More than 60 persons in the ACR ready to record 900 GeV collisions, foreseen at 20:00. Both ALICE magnets are on (solenoid at 30 kA, dipole at 5.85 kA).

LHC restart - Tuesday 1 December 2009

First ALICE paper with LHC data

First proton-proton collisions at the LHC as observed with the ALICE detector: measurement of the charged particle pseudorapidity density at 900 GeV.

accepted by EPJC for publication

LHC restart - Monday 23 November 2009

LHC restart - Sunday 22 November 2009

20:00 When we get some interesting events we will be back - watch this space

14:00 LHC getting ready to inject beam

LHC restart - Saturday 21 November 2009


LHC restart - Friday 20 November 2009