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This WEB site is the result of a collective project to make the physics covered by ALICE more accessible to the general public.

We thank:

Alina Grigoras, Ornella Rademakers-Di Rosa, Michele Santoli, Elena Symeonidou for the new edition of this website;

André-Pierre Olivier for the new ALICE detector setup;

Alaj and Matevz Tadel (ALICE Offline) for the computer simulations;

Antonio Saba and Mona Schweizer for the banners;

Nathan Carrillat and Loic Marcoux for the realisation of the video “ALICE – Voyage inside the core of matter”, and Jacques Fichet, Neil Mills and Jean-Claude Vialis (CERN/IT-UDS) for in-house videos;

We acknowledge the contribution of Charlotte Babiarz, whose works in 2004 on the project of a visitor's center for ALICE, gave an impulse to the outreach activities in ALICE. We also thank Silvio Carena for the making of the first version of the ALICE video.

In 2005, Arian Beldi, a PhD candidate in Media and Communication studies at the University of Geneva, produced a first version of the ALICE Public Site.