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ALICE Photo Gallery

Many pictures have been taken during the construction and the installation of the experiment. Most pictures are stored inside the CERN CDS database

Photographs have been taken by professional photographers, Pavel Cugini, Peter Ginter and Antonio Saba. Through their visions, they have created a glossy and arty atmosphere, simultaneously capturing the beauty of our detectors and the human dimensions of an international scientific collaboration.

Photos taken by Pavel Cugini

Point 2 (Cugini).

Photos taken by Peter Ginter

View of empty L3 magnet Alice (Ginter).

Photos taken by Antonio Saba

One sector of the alice pixel detector (Saba).

Mona Schweizer and Aurélien Muller, studied photography at the school of Applied Arts in Vevey (Switzerland), and photographed different aspects of the ALICE experiment during their internship at CERN.

Photos taken by Mona Schweizer

Magnet with the door closed with miniframe right at the center (Schweizer)

Photos taken by Aurélien Muller

View of the inside of the spaceframe with the TPC in parking position and the ITS fully cabled (Müller)