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(Quicktime VR)

Alice Virtual Tour starting in front of the detector
You start your virtual tour in front of the ALICE magnet. The doors are fully opened and just in the centre, you can see a large detector: the Time Projection Chamber (TPC). The TPC is designed to reconstruct the trajectories of charged particles. Turning 180 degrees, you can see the entrance of the LHC tunnel. Dragging your mouse upwards, you will see the ALICE pit and the surface 50 meters above.

You are at the center of the detector, inside the space frame which is the structure which holds the detectors. The Time Projection Chamber (TPC) is in front you and right at its center, you see the Inner Tracking System (ITS). The ITS is the inner-most detector, located at the heart of the ALICE apparatus, very close to where collisions take place. The ITS detector identifies the position of charged particles originating from the collision to a fraction of a millimeter. In between the two aluminum rails, you can see the central beryllium beam pipe in which particles will travel when the LHC will be in operation. Dragging your mouse towards the left, you see the front-absorber on which have been installed the T0, V0 and FMD detectors (conic structure).