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Editors Corner



Login Policy

Only members of ALICE collaboration (Registered as CERN users having a NICE account valid) may login into the system. This list is not managed by the webmaster.  Although "recognized" you should not be granted with edition pemission. Only Logged In Users  belonging to a proper group will have addition/edition/deletion rights over published contents. Please contact webmaster for this purpose.

If you have problems in login:

Page Edition:

If you are member of the Collaboration Editor Group, you should be able to edit any of the pages already created. A full list of them can be found in:

(Notice that only valid users will be able to display the procedure bellow)

  1. Navigation bar to the left » Administer » Content Management » Content
  2. A full list of pages will show up (you may filter it). 
  3. Select one of the visibles in the navigation or point directly to the page of your choice. Then click on Edit.
  4. If you want more filtering options (user, roles, contents, dates, etc) you may use Administer » Content Management » Content Management Filter. Kindly notice that this engine relies on the Information you supplied at creation time, do not expect miracles. It may also be found on a dedicated tab into your account information (My account, you are allowed to see only resources authored by you so please change the "Autoring Information" field accordingly, it might has being created by someone else, i. e. Super User)
  5. Many pages might have been created by a webmaster. You may find the authoring information. You may easily filter your own pages using filter engine described in Step 4.
  6. If you make a change into a page you may add its "Revision Information" (Revert changes)

Content creation:

  1. In Navigation bar  go to Create Content » Page
  2. Set Mandatory fields.
  3. Add it to the navigation Content (select "Menu Settings")
    1. Set a link title (as will be shown in the navigation)
    2. Select the parent Item (i.e. if you select "Management" it will be shown under the "Management" item block in the navigation Content menu)
    3. "Weight" helps you set the adecuate position in the list
  4. Add the content
    1. make a link using the editor. In the pop up window "Browse server" you can check where to put/get things through that interface
  5. You can set as many info related to the page as possible in links bellow "Revision Information", "File Attachment", etc. Specially for
    1. URL Path Setting: supply the alias for the page you create
    2. NOTICE: By default, at creation, the page is "offline" if you want it to make it public select "Publishing Information" and check the Published Field.
  6. You can preview/save/delete your page using the appropriate button at the end.

How to protect a given page:

A secure page, similar in form to a page, is a simple method for creating and displaying information. By default, a secure page entry does not allow visitor comments. Create content with this type will prevent anonymous users from read it. Only authenticated users can do it. After Creation (i.e. saving it), Editor will an extra tab, "Access Control", to set or to revoke permissions to certain  roles. If you need to get an special role please contact webmaster.

  1. Follow the same procedure as content creation but choose Secure Page

How to revert changes

Changes in page contents can be reverted by yourself as long as you have followed these rules:

  1. When commiting a change into a given page fill the "Revision Information" field accordingly.
  2. Everytime you are logged as editor and visit that page a new tab will show up (top of page) giving you the information on the version you are using and all the previous ones to which you may revert changes. Notice it will only show the changes to those versions where you have set "Revision Information".

Adding a picture gallery.

Pictures galleries in our content management system are handled by the "Brilliant Gallery" module. It is not "brilliant" from beautiful or fancy but from simple and elegant.

  1. Create a Page. Set the taxonomy term to "gallery".
  2. In the body of the page write[bg|path/to/your/gallery/folder/without/wrapping/slashes]. You only need to specify path within the main folder. You also can override many of the default settings using the full tag
    [bg|path/to/your/gallery/folder/without/wrapping/slashes |columncountoverride|widthoverride|sortorrandomoverride|maximumnumbertoshow|colouroverride|beginfromoverride|caption-yes-no-text]
  3. More information can be found in the drupal project pages.
  4. Regarding to the folder where the images will be archived, just contact the webmaster.

Where should I post my pictures or download-"able" files.

If you have not asked for a specific location there is a default one available.

  1. At creation of your document. Select in the FCKeditor the image insert icon or edit/insert link.
  2. In the pop up window select "Browse server". It will provide you with an interface to manage (insert/upload/delete) files/images in a default location in the server.
  3. If you need special location (access secure by password) please contact ALICE webmaster to set it up.